Summer 2023

Champion Camp

There’s never a better time to pick up Taekwondo than summer. Don’t waste your break watching TV – pick up your newest passion!

June 19th-23rd
August 21-25
1 Week: 1st Child- $350, 2nd Child- $300, 3rd Child- $250
2 Weeks: 1st Child- $650, 2nd Child- $550, 3rd Child- $450

World Champion Taekwondo
Southbury Summer Camp

Focus on Taekwondo!

Improve your mental and physical skills and challenge yourself to become a high-level martial arts competitor.
Endurance games, races, and muscle training challenge to increase your abilities and be your best!

Weapon Training: Nunchucks, bo-staff, and sword
Other Indoor Fun Activities!
Games: soccer, volleyball, hockey, kickball, Taekwondo obstacle course,
Dodge ball, Team dodge ball, obstacle dodge ball, team games and
many more!
Art & Crafts: many fun and engaging crafts, different each week!

Friday Fun Day! Bring water clothes
Outside: Water play fight with Master Youn!
Movie: Bring a pillow and stuffed friend to watch

Please bring snacks, water & lunch daily

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