Little Tigers 3-5


Our Little Tigers’ Program gives preschoolers an introduction to Taekwondo in a fun and exciting environment. Our classes are 30 minutes long and offer continuous opportunities for students to develop their coordination and gross motor skills in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner. We focus on positive feedback and our program helps students to improve their listening skills and learn to follow directions through Taekwondo techniques and motivating fitness games that provide structure in a fun and friendly atmosphere that promotes respect for each other.

World Champion TKD Soutbury
Little Tigers 3-5 Program


Our Little Tiger Taekwondo program sets a child up for success. Not only does it instill healthy habits and keep your child active, but it helps them build meaningful relationships, develop discipline and respect for others, and feel good about themselves. Here at World Champion Taekwondo Southbury, our youngest students are taught with the utmost kindness and patience. We want to make them love martial arts as much as we do!

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