If you’re looking to change your life, look no further. At World Champion Taekwondo Southbury, we provide high-quality Taekwondo education with passionate instructors, a beautiful dojo, and lessons that last a lifetime. Classes are offered Monday through Friday for students of any and all ages and skill levels. You’ll learn to kick, punch, and become the best you possible. Click to read about all of the awesome programs we offer!

Little Tigers 3-5


Our Little Tigers’ Program gives preschoolers an introduction to Taekwondo in a fun and exciting environment. Little Tigers is a fun fitness Taekwondo-inspired 30-minute class for kids aged 3-5. It is the perfect introduction to martial arts training in a class setting.



Taekwondo is a dynamic sport, and each of its many aspects can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, body, school and home life, as well as on their growth and development.

Juniors & Adult


Our junior and adult classes are built for experienced martial artists who want to perfect their current skills and take up new challenges.


Belt Classes

Once students achieve their black belt they are ready to begin training at a whole new level. Our Black Belt Classes include rigorous muscle training as well as advanced breaking techniques.


Belt Club

BBC students are those who are committed to becoming a black belt in the future. In and out of Taekwondo school, these students exhibit the black belt excellence.



Sparring class incorporates many learned Taekwondo techniques and challenges our students to defend and attack at just the right moments!



For students who would like some one-on-one training.

Special Needs

Weekly Class

A class tailored for Special Needs Students For Teens to Adults.

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